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Note: HBO has permanently taken down this website. Click here to see screen shots.

YostClan.com is the "real" website designed by Dwayne.

YOSTCLAN - http://yostclan.com/ aka “THE PIPELINE”

The unofficial fan website for Mitch Yost (Bruce Greenwood) and Butchie Yost (Brian Van Holt) - YostClan.com was created by the character Dwayne and is featured in episode six of the series . Launched sometime in the late 90s, the site is intended to have an amateur, homegrown fan-driven feel, belying the more complex world lying just beneath its surface. Beyond being a place Dwayne created to hero-worship Mitch and Butchie, YostClan.com reveals a hidden universe that can only be discovered after solving three puzzles:
  1. A mouse scroll that reveals John’s phrase “Some things I know and some things I don’t.”
  2. A photo scratch-off of Mitch Yost that unveils a video.
  3. A Soduko-like photo gallery that must be re-arranged in numeric order.
        To figure out how to solve the puzzles go to: Unfiction.com YostClan Thread Once inside The Pipeline, click on the red dots to access content. After you have solved the puzzles once then the next time you go to YostClan.com you will then get a link to access The Pipeline directly.

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YostClan.com Homepage

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YostClan.com Biographies

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YostClan.com Photo Gallery

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YostClan.com Message Board

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YostClan.com The Pipeline

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YostClan.com The Pipeline Video Tool Palette

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