Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007


THE MUSIC by Episode

Theme Song

“Johnny Appleseed”, performed by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.

The song that accompanies the opening credits for each episode.

HBO Promo Video Music

“The Perfect Ending”, Harriet Street

Fronted by singer/songwriter Brian Cassagnol, the Boston quartet’s lush musical textures expertly blend crashing guitars, soaring strings, and desperate, resonant vocals on dense rhythmic backdrops.

Episode 1 “His Visit: Day One”

Canned Heat’s “Goin’ Up The Country”

While Vietnam Joe is giving John a ride into IB, Canned Heat’s “Goin’ Up The Country” can be heard playing on the radio.

“Sun/Rise/Light/Flies”, performed by Kasabian

The closing song.

Episode 2 “His Visit: Day Two”

“Tic”, performed by Kava Kava

The song playing as Shaun waits in the surf tent.

“Staring At The Sun”, performed by TV on the Radio

The closing song.

Episode 3 “His Visit: Day Two Continued”

Sarah Brightman singing “Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)”

While sitting in his car outside the hospital, Freddy is listening to a solo version of Sarah Brightman singing “Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)”. He thinks it is the duet version with Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli — that is what prompts his comment, “This is where the blind dago is supposed to come in.”

Buddy Guy’s rendition of John Lee Hooker’s “Boogie Chillen”

Plays during Kai’s vision.

“Feeling Good”, performed by Muse.

The closing song.

Episode 4 “His Visit: Day Three”

Control Machete’s “Unisono”

When Anglo stops his van to pick up John, Control Machete’s “Unisono” is playing on the radio.

David Byrne (The Talking Heads) singing “Un di Felice, Eterea”

The scene that begins with Dr. Smith on the beach, cuts to John being healed by Vietnam Joe, and ends with Cass’ vision of what has happened to John is accompanied by David Byrne singing “Un di Felice, Eterea”.

Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”

The music that Kai plays when she and Butchie are “hooking up” in her trailer is “In Your Eyes”, written and performed by Peter Gabriel.

“Over, Under, Sideways, Down” by The Yardbirds

The closing song.

Episode 5 “His Visit: Day Four”

“Tonight’s the Night” by The Shirelles

As Tina relates to Butchie the story of how she left Baby Shaun on Cissy’s doorstep, the juke box in the diner is playing “Tonight’s the Night” by The Shirelles, from their 1961 album by the same name.


Can anyone identify the jazz piano piece that is playing in the hotel bar while Tina and Linc are talking at the end of the episode? If you figure this out, please let us know.

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, by Elvis Costello

The closing song.

Episode 6 “His Visit: Day Five”

“And When I Die”, Blood, Sweat & Tears

During the the cookout sequence, Freddy and Bill collaborate on their own interpretation of “And When I Die”, written by Laura Nyro and popularized by Blood, Sweat & Tears.

“My Favorite Things”, performed by John Coltrane

The closing song is a jazzy version of “My Favorite Things”, performed by John Coltrane. Freddy plays a few bars of this song when he first plays his sax earlier in the episode.

Episode 7 “His Visit: Day Six”

“Watching the Wheels”, performed by Matisyahu

The closing song is a reggae version of John Lennon’s “Watching the Wheels”, performed by Matisyahu.

Episode 8 “His Visit: Day Seven”

“Tennessee Waltz”, performed by Patti Page

During Barry’s vision in the dilapidated motel bar, the juke box plays the “Tennessee Waltz”, performed by Patti Page.

“When Love Comes to Town”, performed by B. B. King and U2

The closing song is “When Love Comes to Town”, performed by B. B. King and U2.

Episode 9 “His Visit: Day Eight”

“Hold On, I’m Coming”, written and performed by Sam & Dave

Waiting for Shaun and John: The closing song is the blues standard “Hold On, I’m Coming”, written and performed by Sam & Dave.

Episode 10 “His Visit: Day Nine”

“Series of Dreams”, written and performed by Bob Dylan

Uplifting music that accompanies John and Shaun as they surf in at the beginning of the episode is “Series of Dreams”, written and performed by Bob Dylan.

“Long Tall Sally”, Little Richard

The closing song is the R&B classic “Long Tall Sally”, co-written and performed by Richard Penniman, aka Little Richard.