Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

Save John From Cincinnati – Hollywood Reporter Ad Video

Published in the Friday 28 September 2007 Hollywood Reporter, many friends of John From Cincinnati paid for a full-page ad to implore HBO to bring ‘JOHN’ back for another season.

January 16th, 2015

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  • swannsonng says:

    How wonderful! With this much love, surely HBO will listen. Please bring
    John back, HBO. Let the story play on. There is much to tell, still.

  • Ragleredwood says:

    Excellent!!! What an excellent job! Makes me want to go watch some! Thanks
    for the good work.

  • Ayela says:

    Terrific job. HBO – Act Now! I would like to know our Motive! Really, you
    were brave enough to give Milch a chance to produce this amazing,
    groundbreaking piece of television. Of course it was risky. Did you expect
    any less? Now’s your chance to redeem yourself as truly devoted to original
    works – either that or just one company busy hugging the status quo and
    keeping TV in the wasteland of “entertainment” for commercial purposes
    only. The balls in your court. We have our eyes on you.

  • sdgreybeard says:

    Nice job! Now HBO needs to listen and bring back JFC before they hear this
    loud sucking sound as everyone cancels their HBO at once…

  • 111sand000s says:

    Great work! Smell the sea salt, HBO. Put John back in the water.

  • Rick Rose says:

    Spend millions on a great project then abandon the audience that loves it
    for no good reason. What was the brain trust at HBO thinking? Once The Wire
    is done I’m pulling the plug on HBO unless JFC returns.

  • siouxzbone says:

    I really cannot believe how good the show was, first of all-and it did make
    the blow of losing “The Sopranos” a bit easier. We all have to agree- it
    was hard to say goodbye to that. But that night- right after Sopranos
    finale- HBO trys to cheer us all up with this new series. I know it was in
    the middle of the writer’s wars, but I really would like to see that series
    pick up- it was an unfair timing. For all- us the viewers, because we came
    to love the story and characters.

  • chatangel says:

    Ban together JFC FANS now is the time! Help us save JOHN with the BOSS
    CAMPAIGN! saveJFC dot net slash birdseed click on BOSS link near top of the
    page! TONS of Birdseed being sent to HBO NEW YORK!

  • rpminaz says:

    See God HBO!!!! >-o >-o >-o >-o The fans of this show worked so hard. We
    deserve another season!!

  • chatangel says:

    Thanks.. Just what we needed! Hear us HBO, we are very serious. Other fans
    join us… follow the prompts on the video!

  • MacGhil says:

    Love it! Please bring back John From Cincinnati, HBO! We JFC candle
    fanatics will not let you down! We are a devoted and fanatical lot, who
    know ground-breaking, quality television when we see it! Don’t just be TV!
    Be HBO! O–<

  • blewidescorpio says:

    Same Here……Once The Wire Is Done, So Is HBO.

  • tmw713 says:

    I miss the show terribly.

  • NVTOF says:

    Great Job NVOTV Im Loving it Bring back John From Cincinnati. Peace, FF

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