Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

John From Cincinnati Newsletter: 31 Aug 2008


Our Long, Strange Trip…

Hello Dear Friends & Monad-ista’s,

The one year anniversary of the beginning and ending of ‘John From Cincinnati’ has come and gone.   Just a year ago I was in the midst of one of the first organized postcard campaigns launched from TheSnugHarborMotel.com forum.  And the idea of an ad in The Hollywood Reporter or Variety had just started to be discussed on the boards.  We were a routy bunch from all walks of life, full of passion and out-rage and ideas.  We had been inexplicably touched by an odd and wonderful TV series.  We had experienced genius and we wanted more… needed more…

I remember being hesitant to take on the responsibility of becoming “keeper of the fund” for the magazine ads.  However my love for the show and for the community that had sprung up out-weighed my concerns.   In looking back over the year, I learned much and had a lot of fun, as well as trials, along the way.  I wish we could have succeeded in our task.  I wish we knew then what we now about running such a campaign…

My only regret is that our show is now being used as the poster-child for all the new, ill-fated, poorly conceived shows that come and go without making an impression on the masses.  We know JOHN deserves better.

We know when we can see in our mind the love in Bill’s eyes when he talks to Shawnie.

We know when we find ourselves humming ‘Johnny Appleseed’ even though we haven’t watched the show in a while.

We know when we quote from the show in our conversations.

We know when we are comforted by remembering John’s words in times of trouble.

We still ask David Milch and Kem Nunn to keep JOHN alive in their hearts and minds.  We know that one day they will find a way to continue the story in some form.    And we will be here ready to hang on every word, empathize with every struggle, rejoice in every characters triumph as it were our own.

Unless there are any new suggestions, I believe it’s time to send the remainder of the The Fund to WildCoast.org as was planned.   Please comment at Our New Endeavor thread on the HBO.com:

or the SaveJFC Forum at:


FYI:  There is now a link to an Excel spreadsheet of The Funds’ PayPal account on the home page of SaveJFC.net in the donation box.

As always…

Work her, Cass.

SaveJFC Admin

Thank you for your continued support!

Even if you don’t yet see the end game… it’s time to get back IN the game!


Work here, Cass

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