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John From Cincinnati Newsletter: 20 April 2008


20 April 2008
2400 lbs. of Bird Seed Delivered to HBO Offices in NYC!
Early Thursday morning, April 17th, Mike’s Feed Farm in Paterson, New Jersey, along with our videographer, Ray, made the trip into New York City and delivered 60 boxes, each containing a 40 lb. bag of mixed bird seed, to the HBO offices at 6th Avenue and 42nd Street. That’s a total of 2400 pounds of seed! Well over the ton of seed we were shooting for! Total cost: $1,429.40.

We were told going into this that the building really isn’t set up for receiving such a large shipment of boxes. Boy were they right! In fact, there isn’t even an area for a truck to park. Our brave delivery people had to park in a bus stop and hope the police would not notice!!

The boxes were hand trucked down a flight of stairs and into a freight elevator. From there they were taken upstairs to the offices. Mr. Mesce [pronounced ma-SAY] of HBO public relations spoke with ChatAngel by phone to say that they had received the seed and that they were “building forts” with the boxes in order to make room to walk around the offices.

We made sure that our SaveJFC Surfing Monad sticker is on each and every bag. So no matter where they end up, the people who use the seed will know it comes from us.

It was always our intention to make sure the seed does not go to waste. To that end, each box also has a list of NYC area aviaries and bird breeders where the seed can be donated. However, as luck would have it, ChatAngel is currently working with an organization that does bird education with grade school children throughout the city. If we can get seed to them then both the birds and the children of New York City will benefit.

For more information about the history of the campaign see the seed page. There you will also find out how to contact Mike’s Feed Farm so you can send seed yourself!


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