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John From Cincinnati Newsletter: 19 Sept 2008


19 September 2008

Part I: End of The Fund
Part II: Donation to Wildcoast
Part III: Do You Have 15 Minutes a Month to Keep SaveJFC.net Up and Running?
Part IV: Monad-istas In Need: Chatangel & Holly

Part I: End of The Fund
Even though we all expected it, the end of the Save John From Cincinnati Fund is a sad event. On September 13th the last of The Fund, $376.23, was sent to Wildcoast.org as was planned from the beginning.

However, even if The Fund has ended, and so have official campaigns to save our show, the friendships and the spirit of JOHN go on…

Part II: Donation to Wildcoast

Serge Dedina wrote:Hi Trishah:

Thanks so much for the donation from Save JFC. We are very appreciative as usual.

The funds will be used to support the Dempsey Holder Ocean Festival on October 19th in Imperial Beach. The monies will specifically go toward paying for the entry cost for low-income children to be in the surf contest–the biggest in Imperial Beach.

So we will have Save JFC be a ocean festival sponsor. Please send us the logo so we can include it in the contest information.


Thanks again for all your support!!!

Serge Dedina, Ph.D.
Executive Director
925 Seacoast Dr.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Tel: 619.423.8665 ext. 202
Fax: 619.423.8488

Sending SaveJFC Stickers

We sold enough of the SaveJFC Surfing Monad sticker to pay for the printing and we still have hundreds left which no one has bought recently. So, I have asked Serge and he has told me how many will attend the competition so I will be sending a batch of stickers to them soon. I have also requested a photo of the group so we can post it on the site which Serge has promised to supply. Thank you, Serge!!

Poster Auction

As soon as there is an auction site up for the poster signed by David Milch I will send out another newsletter.

Part III: Do You Have 15 Minutes a Month to Keep SaveJFC.net Up and Running?

SaveJFC.net is the only place on the web that has compiled all the important information about “John From Cincinnati” and should be preserved for the benefit of present and future Monad-istas. To keep SaveJFC.net up and running in it’s current form will cost approximately $160.00 a year. As admin I would love to say that I would be able to personally afford this in future years, yet I fear that may not be the case. I will keep a PayPal donation button up and profits from any CafePress merchandise sales will help this year, maybe next… but what about in a few years, five years, a decade from now?

As luck would have it, I just discovered a new social networking site, ZenZuu, that is free, just like FaceBook or MySpace, BUT it will share 80% of all ad revenue with it’s active members. To be an “Active Member” you just have to logon to the site 30 times a month, which can be done in just a few minutes or spread out throughout the month.

ZenZuu’s mission is philanthropic. Its purpose is a massive worldwide redistribution of financial wealth. So this will benefit you personally as well as being in line with the spirit of JOHN.

The site is new and will not start paying until November. And though you can not customize your pages right now, that function will be implemented soon.

I have researched this and have found the best way to make the most money from this site. I have described the process at SaveJFC.net/zenzuu along with a chart on where people need to sign up in order to benefit the upkeep of SaveJFC.net.

We need 10 more people by September 30th.

If this is something you would like to be a part of, please talk to me BEFORE you register with ZenZuu so I can guide you through the process: admin@savejfc.net 732-359-7202. Trishah

Part IV: Monad-istas In Need

Chatangel’s ServiceDog

Many of you know her as “Chatangel” on the forums. Tammy has been a devoted and active member of the Save JOHN campaigns from the beginning. What many do not know is that she has had many back surgeries and is currently in great pain and facing yet another surgery. After the lose of her beloved Shetland Sheepdog, Bitzy, a few months ago, it dawned on me that what Chatangel really needs is a service dog.

We researched and soon found out that these dogs can cost up to $16,000. Discouraged but not defeated we kept looking and found a wonderful woman in Texas who will train the dog for free as long as we buy it for $1,000. Gina is a small breeder of English Labordor Retrievers who does this work as a service to God. Well, she is a godsend to Chatangel THAT’s for sure!

If you would like to learn more or make a donation please go to: http://www.trishah.com/servicedog

Holly Newstead

Hello Monadista’s

I have a special request, on behalf of our monad sister Holly Newstead (35, Georgia). Holly was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be having brain surgery very soon. Terrifed, Holly gave me permission to ask anyone that reads this newsletter to please pray, send positive thoughts, and the rest can hum along while she is conquering this battle.

Much love to all,

Tammy aka Chatangel

(Holly’s Myspace blog posted Sept 13th)
“If anyone out there has had anything NEAR brain surgery or no someone who has… please get them to msg me.. I just really need someone to talk to.. I just don’t have a clue.”

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