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John From Cincinnati Newsletter: 17 Feb 2008


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17 February 2008
New BOSS Sunflower Seed Campaign Is Underway!

Current Donations: $895.17
Or about 1.08 tons
Donate with PayPal to the SaveJFC Bird Seed Campaign

The Problem
HBO did not seem to be affected by our mass mailings, letters, postcards, etc. Each a piece of paper can be easily disposed of, as can emails and phone messages.

The Campaign
The plan created by ChatAngel involves sending an impressive amount of bulk Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (B.O.S.S.). Bird seed was chosen for several reasons. First, the seed is bulky and hard to ignore; second, the cost is reasonable give the size/weight of the seeds. Third, it is a direct reference to ‘John From Cincinnati’s’ character Zippy and the exotic birds housed within the Bill Jacks’ home.

If Zippy can comeback to life then so can JOHN.

In keeping with the environmental themes in JOHN, we do not want the seeds to go to waste. To this end, we will send alerts to animal organizations, including Audubon Societies, in the areas we send the seed and tell them it’s there and to contact HBO about picking it up.

And, we have the commitment of a fellow Monadista in NYC who will photograph the delivery. Thank you raymcd19!

We Need Your Help, NOW!
We would like to coordinate the arrival of the seed with the release of the JOHN DVD on 01 April 2008.
Please donate and spread the word about the campaign.
http://www.johnfromcincinnati.net/birdseed to your email signature
Post about it on blogs and other websites.
Put out a bulletin from your MySpace and FaceBook page.
Buy our new Surfing Monad stickers and put them everywhere you go.

I would love to do a new YouTube Video for this but need someone’s help. We need to make it look different from what we’ve already done. I need video clips of black birdseed being pored out of a bag and into a pile. And I would love a shot that we could superimpose on top of a picture of HBO headquarters. If you can make such a video, would like to help write/create the video, or have other visual arts/FX/animation skills to offer please contact me ASAP. admin@savejfc.net

Thank you for your continued support!

Note: As administrator of SaveJFC.net I surveyed the people who contributed to the earlier campaigns to see what they thought about rolling over the current fund ($381.50) for the BOSS campaign. The replies were few and inconclusive. Therefore, I think the responsible thing to do is to rollover half the current fund for the seed and contribute the other half to WildCoast.org. If you disagree with this idea please let me know before Monday 25 February.
Trishah admin@savejfc.net

Even if you don’t yet see the end game… it’s time to get back IN the game!

If you haven’t donated already to the BOSS Campaign please consider doing so now… Every little bit helps!
Unused donations will be given to WildCoast.net, the organization for which Mitch Yost made public service announcements.

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