Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

John From Cincinnati Newsletter: 08 Jan 2008


08 January 2008
NEW Comprehensive ‘JOHN’ Viewer Survey

This survey is designed to gather a better picture of ‘John From Cincinnati’ viewers and their opinions about the show and HBO.

We need this information to better articulate the case for continuing the show to HBO.

Whether you like the show or not, whether you believe it can be brought back or not, we would like to hear from you.

Click here to take the survey now – Comprehensive Viewer’s Survey

Please help promote this survey:

  • Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to forward on to others.
  • Put the address to the survey in the signature of your emails. 
    • http://survey.savejfc.net/survey_viewer_login.html
    • or this html link: <a href=”http://survey.savejfc.net/survey_viewer_login.html”>Comprehensive ‘John From Cincinnati’ Viewer’s Survey</a>
  • Post about it everywhere on the internet
Thank you for your continued support!

Even if you don’t yet see the end game… it’s time to get back IN the game!

If you haven’t donated before to the SaveJFC efforts/ad, please consider doing so now… Every little bit helps!  Given the importance of this survey we will be looking to use The Fund to advertise the survey to get as many responses as possible. 
Unused donations will be given to WildCoast.net, the organization for which Mitch Yost made public service announcements.

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