Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

John From Cincinnati Newsletter: 05 Aug 2010


(Formerly SaveJFC.net)

05 August 2010

In This Issue:
I. 3rd Anniversary Parade
II. Launch of New Website

“There’s a parade this afternoon down at the pier for Shaun and John. 3:30, 4-o’clock. Don’t be no-shows. You’re in it.”

Dear Fellow Monadista,

“Blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah blah… we’re talking we’re talking. You’re listening, now you’re listening. Look at the bears for a second. Look at the bear, look at the bear. That’s good. Hey, you wearin’ them clothes to the parade?”

“The end is near.” OK, so the end has come and gone, but fortunately we are still here!

JohnFromCincinnati.net cordially invites you to our On-Line Parade – celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the Stinkweed parade. And, yes, you’re in it (we hope!) We need your ideas, pictures, videos, comments and anything else you may wish to contribute. Our parade also celebrates the friendships, fun and intellectual exchange we enjoyed on the bulletin boards that once brought us together as we sought to understand the story, “John from Cincinnati” – which was so mysteriously intriguing and canceled so abruptly.

What lines from the show do you still think of or use in conversations?

Have you turned on your radio and heard a song that takes your imagination back to Imperial Beach, CA?

Do you sometimes think of some of the many efforts to save the show – and laugh to yourself in amazement that you would follow or even be a part of such an endeavor?

Truly, John, his father, his father’s father and the many characters we so intimately befriended in our hearts, touched our lives in a special way. Now we can revisit some old friends, and some old feelings in another creative endeavor by JohnFromCincinnati.net.

The line and circle are big. On the wall, the line and circle are huge. Come to the parade and let the wave lift you up!

http://www.JohnFromCincinnati.Net/ParadeAnd come visit us on our new site and meet some old friends…



All Your Monadistas Compañeros

Trishah, Admin SaveJFC.net
Work here, Cass

Connecting all the lost Monadistas



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