Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

16 Aug 2010


14 Aug 2010

John From Cincinnati 3rd Anniversary Update

05 Aug 2010

John From Cincinnati 3rd Anniversary Parade and Celebration!

03 Apr 2009

JOHN Retrospective Starts Sat 04 April; Still An Active Community

19 Sep 2008

The Fund, WildCoast, SaveJFC.net, & Monad-istas In Need

31 Aug 2008

Our long, strange trip…

27 Jun 2008

Action Alert: Send a Note to Milch!

16 Jun 2008

Part I: Action Alert, Part II: Happy Anniversary JOHN!

11 May 2008

Seed Campaign Video, Comprehensive Viewers Survey Results, Emmy Consideration, and Penzeys One Award

20 Apr 2008

2400 lbs. of Bird Seed Delivered to HBO Offices in NYC!
New Mother’s Day Design: T-shirts, teddy bear and more…

30 Mar 2008

Newsletter Update: Amazon changed DVD price but it may not be too late…

29 Mar 2008

Seed Campaign Update, New Monad Earth Day Ware, Sticker Sales Update, plus…

17 Feb 2008

New BOSS Sunflower Seed Campaign Is Underway!

30 Jan 2008

Special Survey For Contributors to SaveJFC Fund, e.g. Bulk Black Oil Sunflower Seed Campaign Survey.

08 Jan 2008

Comprehensive Viewer’s Survey

20 Dec 2007

Part I: John From Cincinnati DVD: Pre-order and Save!
Part II: Variety Magazines, 17 copies left
Part III: Viewer Survey and Current Work
Part IV: SaveJFC.net 2008 Calendar And New Vote Monad Design

05 Dec 2007

Part I: DVD Release Date Announced
Part II: Site Redesigned
Part III: Variety Magazines, 18 copies left
Part IV: Current Work
John From Cincinnati Wet suits and Gifts

14 Nov 2007

Proposed Uses of Contribution Fund

12 Nov 2007

Part I: Variety Ad Update
Part II: Current Work
Part III: John From Cincinnati Memorabilia and Gifts

25 Oct 2007

Special Mailing To Signers of the Main Save JFC Petition.

13 October 2007

Part I: New Full-Page Ad to Run in Variety
Part II: Update on Hollywood Reporter Ad Fund
Part III: Friends of ‘John From Cincinnati’
Give To WildCoast
Part IV: Suggestions on How To Contact All
The Lone Monadistas…

04 Oct 2007

Special Mailing To Hollywood Reporter Contributors

01 October 2007

Part I: The Hollywood Reporter Ad & Video Update
Part II: A Variety Ad?
Part III: New JMonad Video

28 September 2007

The Hollywood Reporter Ad & Press Release Update

26 September 2007

The Hollywood Reporter Ad & Press Release

14 September 2007

The Hollywood Reporter/Variety Ad Fund