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JFC Making a Splash at the Emmys?

JFC Making a Splash at the Emmys?

April 30, 2008, ohmygodot.blogspot.com

Despite canceling John From Cincinnati it seems that HBO recognizes what a brilliant show that it had in hindsight. HBO has submitted JFC for Emmy consideration in the following categories for acting. No doubt they are submitting for consideration for Milch, for writing, and for the series.

Lead Actors: Bruce Greenwood, Brian Van Holt, Austin Nichols
Lead Actress: Rebecca De Mornay
Supporting Actresses: Keala Kennelly, Emily Rose, Chandra West
Supporting Actors: Greyson Fletcher, Willie Garson, Luis Guzman, Ed O’Neill, Luke Perry, Matt Winston
Garrett Dillahunt, Dayton Callie, Jim Beaver, Paul Ben Victor

Handicapping the JFC group, you can see one or two that have real chance for a nomination. If Ed O’Neil is not seriously considered in the supporting actor category it would be criminal, who remembers Ed Bundy in his performance as Bill Jacks. Right off the mark, Ed came out with an amazing performance.

And the other actor? That would have to be Austin. Up until JFC we saw so little of what Austin was capable of as an actor. Working with Milch opened up a entire new level of performance for Austin. His portrayal of John a messenger not of this world was one of the most developed unique multifaceted layered performances on TV last year. From the smallest of details, expressions and characteristics he created a character that had an audience for thinking what is this? to who is this? to ultimately could it be?

Austin took a role that could make or break him as an actor and ran with it, giving a fearless performance that many would find too risky.

“David was really quiet and he was ignoring me and I finally got to call him and I wanted to ask him and talk to him about it cause I like to collaborate and get everybody, you know, get help and throw my ideas out and David was literally-literally looked at me and said “I just want you to do what you did as Morgan.” And that really confused me and I didn’t know any-and the only thing he said is “Austin, you’re the guy. You gotta be the guy. And to you, I just want you.” And so I’m thinking, does David think that I’m retarded? And it took me a long time to sort of process what he meant by those things. In the end what I just realized is that whatever I do is fine. And he gave me so much confidence in just telling me that basically I can do no wrong. I can make no mistakes. All I have to do is show up and just be there with everybody.”

It was Milch’s confidence in his acting and in him that let Austin create one of most memorable characters on television in recent memory. If the Motion Picture and Television Arts can not see that, it will be an even greater disappointment than the cancellation of JFC itself.

Little JFC rewind: Great interview with Austin.
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April 30th, 2008

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