Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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    SaveJFC Admin

    You are very welcome!  I am happy to do it…. wish I had more time!

    My capacity is unlimited.  If the site was terribly active it might be a problem, but we are fine right now.  And all my other high volume sites are on other accounts so if you have the time to bring them over, feel free.  That’s what the site is here for!

    Work here, Cass.


    SaveJFC Admin

    Fake Registrations

    I took some time tonight to search the membership base to find registrations from the same IP address.  There were some, actually quite a few, that have literally hundreds of accounts for the same IP!  Some did 50 or more in one day… ugh!

    So I went through and deleted these.  And then I added their IP’s to our banned IP list.

    Additionally, I added a new anti-bot measure on the registration forum.  It adds:

    Adds a randomly chosen puzzle
    Random tweaks in each puzzle
    Random input field


            What is the sum of (as a number)  9 – 5 + ONE =

    Hopefully, this will keep the false registrations down and keep us from getting spammed.


    Work here, Cass.



    Good, Trish, cleaning the debris!

    Aghmmm, just one little tiny thing. ::) ;D Now our own Captain can’t register, (after he accidentally deleted his acct.), he gets a message that double registration is not allowed. I tried to activate his account, didn’t work.


    SaveJFC Admin

    The last message the system sent him said:

            Today at 05:20:22 AM
    Your email address needs to be validated before you can login. – captpeace

    I only see one account with his IP in the database and it looks like it is active.

    If he can’t verify his address or login, have him clear his cache and cookies, close and reopen his browser, and try again.  If he is still getting an error message, have him send it to me here.

    Work here, Cass.



    I don’t know yet if Captain tried to register again or post.  We’ll see tomorrow, oh, it’s today already.

    Wonderful new addition to the image gallery, Trishah, Nick’s photos of Snug Harbor are good. The only thing is – maybe we have to ask his permission to put the pics on our site, what do you think? He is a very friendly guy, still it’s just common courtesy. I think he would agree.

    Edited to add: Maybe the poll should be a separate topic, it gets missed on the tech thread I think.


    SaveJFC Admin

    I’ll make the poll a separate thread.  Good call.

    About the photos, I was rushed or I would have remembered to give him credit in the photo info. I’ll go do that now.  And ask his permission if it’s okay…  what do they say… better to ask forgiveness than permission  😉

    Work here, Cass.



    Trish, when you’re done with all the improvements and corrections, it perhaps would help if the “How to” (or something like that) thread existed. It could be at the beginning of this thread even, convenient I think.

    Good new emoticons, I like them.


    SaveJFC Admin

    I think a “How To” thread would be a good idea.  I think that this is very new to you, you probably have more idea of the kind of things that need explaining… like what would have been helpful for you to know.  I just assume a lot being I’ve done so much of this.


    This link is an instructional guide created by SMF for the general user of this forum software.  I’ll start a new sticky topic with it and we’ll see where it goes from there.

    Work here, Cass.



    I saw the topic, good to have it always on top of everything – for anyone who might experience some difficulties. I didn’t mean myself, by the way, I talked to couple of people, they needed to get comfortable on the BB and that thread should help. Thanks, Trishah, you work with the lightning speed!



    Trishah, why in your posts the time stamp is different from mine or Waxon’s? Can we adjust the clock so it shows let’s say, Eastern time for every post? I know that’s how it’s  on blogs.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 136 total)

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