Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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    Trish, the sound in the videos is breaking up, that was not happening when I first posted them. Is that my computer (although I have FIOs), YouTube or is that something else?
    Would you, please, check?


    SaveJFC Admin

    Videos are not breaking up for me.  Could be your computer or the connection at that time.

    In order to add an image to a post you need to do the following…

    1. Copy the image url from it’s page in the gallery:

    2. In the post use the “Image Tag” button:

    3.  Paste in the url from Step #1:

    And… Wah-Lah…  Image added to post  😀

    Work here, Cass.



    Round 7 Question 9: Who’s hands are these?



    I swear I did all the same, Trish, and have got (grammar?)only a link :-[

    You guys both are way ahead of me!

    Now, how to make those images bigger, let’s say up to the size of videos?

    And, Waxon, I’d say it was Moana, but I’m not sure.



    Ding Ding! Correct. 

    ( I used the pic from FB)



    So, Waxon, is it easy to post those pictures here?
    Would you like to open a thread for the trivia? I think this “bar” thread is good for general conversation, however, since the BB is not exactly crowded yet, that is not important.

    I cleaned up my profile and will not post on FB anymore, done!

    I am an idiot, I posted the page link instead of URL. Of course it wouldn’t work!
    Thanks again, Trishah.



    What the hell’s happening? The threads multiply! Besides I didn’t open any of them myself! Trish, if that’s you, have pity, I’m losing my mind, ahahaha ;D

    But- I still can’t manage to post a picture of Butchie, no luck with any others. I add to the album and that’s all I can do. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow, with clear head.


    SaveJFC Admin

    There is a mod that will allow someone to post large images but only show a smaller one on the post.  You have to click a link to enlarge the image:


    But I couldn’t find anything to enlarge images on the forum itself.  But there are online image resizers that you can use:


    Work here, Cass.


    SaveJFC Admin

    Sorry if I’m confusing you.  I just now learned how to break off part of a thread and create a new thread out of it.  But it takes the name from the post of the first person in the split-off posts as the thread creator.

    Hey we are all learning!  Sleep well.

    Work here, Cass.



    One more problem: when I was “beautifying” archived episode 18 (I know someone who needs to read it here), it exceeded the limit. Would you increase that a little bit, please, just in case.
    That’s all for tonight. I am so glad I have time off, good to learn something useful.

    See you tomorrow. Glad you wrote to Back.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 136 total)

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