Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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    We should adopt the laconic pictographs from Facebook then. 😀
    Not exactly that…


    but this should do!

    Laurel, the “law in effect” argument is sharp and right on target!
    Abused, grossly misconstrued religious dogmas, relentlessly used to fight for power  have wrought enough troubles in the world, all the great prophets would be turning and screaming in their graves…. though they are not there, are they? 8)



    Moving on…
    Haha, Sven. Perfect!



    Skor, good to read you, always. Smooch.  😉

    (Incendiary needs kindling, eh?
    Screaming “treason” on the village square would provide that. Heard many times.)

    I’d try to explain my views, Captain, though would you excuse me, not tonight.



    We are not whining. From what I have seen we have been defending principles greater than our own individual thoughts or emotions. -even when it may be uncomfortable or distasteful.
    I don’t think that many American women would be comfortable with the level of masculine control we find in Afghanistan, but contrary to what is implied by that “Time” cover, Americans are not in that country as cultural arbiters. Laws can be changed, but cultural change cannot easily be forced. Listen, you are not going to hear me defending the Taliban, I find them archaic and appalling. But just because I cringe to think of the quality of life women (and men) are forced to accept under their power, it does not logically follow that I would want to kill muslims or deny them the right to follow their faith. I am not a religious person, but I understand that religious freedom is not about me or my personal feelings.



    OUCH!, not a very nice picture at ALL Capn’
    I have never been a whiner and never back down from a fight.. enough said!



    I would defend the nest with my offspring with my claws and teeth, Captain, as any mother would. However we perhaps should not turn to chaotic emotional invectives against all who don’t share our point of view. Skor in large part expressed my thoughts, I only will add that a woman, by God’s design, genetic makeup and upbringing is destined to nurture and save. If as a result of some unfortunate events a woman turns to murder that is the utmost tragedy. Let us be women. Calling for bloodletting is the last resort anyways, humans should use their minds, extrapolating the consequences of their actions.

    For example, US government, Ronald Regan in particular, who blindly supported Mujaheddin against communist influence did this country a great disservice, the results are painfully obvious now.  There was nearsighted support at times of Iran and Iraq, gee, and the man is lauded by many for that too! Of course, the Muslim world has its own predicaments for disaster, too much must be factored in, hard to even begin.

    As to survival in a hostile environment, history is a narrative of people perishing and surviving. The WWII blockade of Leningrad comes to mind and many a concentration camp. The end of human suffering in not in sight.



    I do not think you wish us that terrible end and I do not wish that on anyone.

    Just saw in the search on the Net the title  “Glenn Beck -We need heroes”. Something is very wrong here, those who fight with other peoples hands always want a war.



    I finally get my sorry ass logged in and the good Captain is gone?  🙁



    Kangaroo? Kirk? Bligh? ???

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 149 total)

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