Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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    Wow, one tough mother – pushed the chick off the edge!  ???
    Thanks, Miz.Lily, and don’t you wish we had wings?


    Water Lily

    I took my drink outside to enjoy the cool evening air… And read your reply Sven.

    The scent of late summer grilling wafted across the fence from the neighbor’s yard…

    A bluejay just squawked as he flew past, then crash-landed by the fence…

    he has some sort of very large nut in his beak and I guess that threw his balance off lol… Possibly winter surplus, or an evening snack.

    He glared at me suspiciously as if accusing me of tripping him, then flew off with his treasure…

    :D….. I love the short videos of bird’s and the view you see…  :-\

    Yes, it’s a marvelous evening!

    Hope it’s lovely wherever you are tonight!



    The rain has been heavy yesterday but let up, the warm air still hints of summer, my standard tea rose holds a swelling bud, the last one, the most beloved – yes, the weather here is sweet, Miz.Lily.



    My favorite dog. Seriously. Besides, they’re a great couple.



    Another couple:



    And another:


    Water Lily

    Love cat photos. Long time no see or read..My life is a bit of a bore these days. I just don’t seem to care whats happening.  Just thought I would revisit an old place and see if it could stir some emotion. lol I’ll let you know.:(


    SaveJFC Admin

    This one just cracks me up!! 

    だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat –

    Work here, Cass.



    So, Mz.Lily, are your emotions stirred or shaken?  😀 😀 😀

    (Unexpectedly good “quote”, sorry, I couldn’t resist!)



    “Ugh, so tired. I’ll just lay down and eat.”

Viewing 10 posts - 131 through 140 (of 149 total)

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