Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

Summary of All Surveys

Survey 03: Comprehensive Viewer’s Survey (closed)
This survey is designed to gather a better picture of ‘John From Cincinnati’ viewers and their opinions about the show and HBO. We need this information to better articulate the case for continuing the show to HBO.
Total responses
as of 28 May 2008:562

Survey 02: Bulk Black Oil Sunflower Seed (closed)
The Problem
HBO did not seem to be affected by our mass mailings, letters, postcards, etc. Each a piece of paper can be easily disposed of, as can emails and phone messages.
The Proposal
My (ChatAngel) plan involves sending an impressive amount of bulk Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (B.O.S.S.). Bird seed was chosen for several reasons. First, the seed is bulky and hard to ignore; second, the cost is reasonable give the size/weight of the seeds. Third, it is a direct reference to ‘John From Cincinnati’s’ character Zippy and the exotic birds housed within the Bill Jacks’ home.

If Zippy can comeback to life then so can JOHN.

In keeping with the environmental themes in JOHN, we do not want the seeds to go to waste. To this end, we will send alerts to animal organizations, including Audubon Societies, in the areas we send the seed and tell them it’s there and to contact HBO about picking it up.


  • There was no clear conclusions to be drawn from the responses that were received.
  • Therefore, the decision was made to put half the money from the general fund towards the seed campaign.

Survey 01: Should we buy stickers? (closed)
This survey is restricted to people who have donated to the johnfromcincinnati.net Efforts Fund. Please email if you did not receive your invitation and password.

As of early April 2008, enough stickers were sold to repay The Fund for their purchase. The money gained from the sale of stickers from now on will be split between The Fund and site upkeep. Purchase your stickers HERE.


  • 80% thought that stickers are a good idea.
  • 70% of those thought we should buy 1000 (abt. 10 cents each) instead of 500 (abt. 15 cents each) for B/W stickers.
  • 70% want profits to first put the cost of the stickers back The Fund and the rest be split between The Fund and website upkeep.