Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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Our community center for work on the Save ‘John From Cincinnati’ efforts.

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HBO.com sponsors both official and member created threads for John From Cincinnati and all their programs. Most of the work we have done has been coordinated through the member created threads.

John From Cincinnati: Genius or Big Dump Out?

TV Without Pity thread: Here’s the place to continue post-cancellation discussion. The old forum has been archived in Dramas > Read Only Archive.

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Note: As of 28Aug2007 the John From Cincinnati General Gabbery Forum was archived. It can still be read but is not accepting new submissions. Television Without Pity (TwoP),Spare The Snark, Spoil The Networks, first launched in 1998, is an online community that hosts recaps and forums on television shows.


THE forum for discussing the new HBO show “John From Cincinnati.” Forums, thoughts, discussion, analysis, insight, news and predictions.


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Tiki Central: Save HBO’s John From Cincinnati thread

I just find the show really intriguing even tho, I don’t fully understand it. It’s kind of like Beat Jazz television. Very out there, but addicting….