Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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PR Newswire – Press Release – 10.31.07

Save ‘John From Cincinnati’ Campaign Seeks Dialog With HBO

SPRING LAKE, N.J., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ — The Internet-based johnfromcincinnati.net community is taking out a full-page ad in Variety today to show HBO they are serious about moving forward with their new strategy to help HBO bring back its unique drama “John from Cincinnati.”

The coordinated group of thousands of HBO viewers is now working on creative new ways to help with ratings and funding rather than simply asking for the show to be renewed. They hope the ad will lead to initial discussions with HBO about options for moving forward.

“We understand that we cannot simply ask HBO to bring back this series. They already know they have a potentially huge hit on their hands, and how passionately their viewers feel about the show. We the viewers need to unite to help address the practical reasons that forced HBO to cancel, namely cost and initial ratings,” said Veronica O’Connor.

Changing viewing habits are slowing the adoption of new shows. Many viewers now first watch new shows on DVD. The group is looking for ways to show financial support for “John from Cincinnati” while the audience continues to grow.

“All options are on the table. We’re considering pre-ordering series DVDs, additional subscription fees, pay-per-view and new delivery mechanisms. I think that if HBO wants to work with its subscribers towards this common goal then not only will one of the best TV shows ever be saved, but we can really break new TV ground!” said Lisa Ferro.

johnfromcincinnati.net knows that “John from Cincinnati” appeals to a wide and varied audience that, like the show, blurs conventional borders. This show reached many viewers who watch no other HBO original series. johnfromcincinnati.net plans to engage in a grassroots campaign to encourage those who never watched “John from Cincinnati” to see what they’re missing.

“According to HBO’s own numbers, ‘John from Cincinnati’ had 3.8 million viewers, more than enough to continue a less expensive show. We know the numbers are close and the audience is out there within reach. We are gaining momentum, but HBO embracing this effort would really cause things to snowball,” Brian Lucey said.

Last month the group placed a full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter to first spotlight johnfromcincinnati.net’s campaign.

johnfromcincinnati.net has also donated a portion of funds raised to WILDCOAST.net, a coastal protection non-profit featured in “John from Cincinnati”‘s viral videos, and hopes that the show’s message of the power of community will continue for a long time to come.

Website: http://www.johnfromcincinnati.net

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