Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

Letter to Milch

Letter to David Milch, creator of John From Cincinnati,
from appliedpsych (of HBO Member Created Threads)

October 8, 2007

Mr. David Milch
Red Board Productions
3000 W Olympic Blvd, Building 4
Santa Monica, CA 90404

By Fax to: 310-264-4286

Dear Mr. Milch:

On August 27, 2007 I sent you a copy of a letter I wrote to HBO & Time Warner Execs after John from Cincinnati was cancelled. HBO Consumer Affairs sent a letter to me in response on September 27, 2007. A copy of both are attached for your reference.

While I know you are very busy, I thought that you might like to read the HBO response letter. As you will see, they address both the situations with Deadwood and John from Cincinnati. I felt that this letter was their way of communicating with interested HBO consumers in general. Since HBO did not mention any limitations on this informational reply, I saw no harm in sharing it with others.

Since sending the letter to HBO, I have followed and participated in the work of an online community very interested in John from Cincinnati (JFC). After much effort and work by many creative and determined individuals who have never met except in cyberspace, a number of efforts were undertaken to get HBO to change their mind on what is viewed by many as an important, inspiring, significant and intriguing series which should continue. These ideas included the recent full page ad that you may have seen in The Hollywood Reporter.

The fact that The Hollywood Reporter ad project was conceptualized, planned, created and completed from the initial idea to funding in a very short time was testament to the enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance of the online community from which it developed. I see it as a spontaneous outpouring of gratitude to you, Mr. Nunn, and indeed the entire staff, cast and crew for bringing JFC to the screen.

Recent talks in this online community have switched to what other steps can now be taken to influence HBO to reconsider their decision to pass on JFC. However, a basic piece of knowledge is missing from these discussions – – – whether you are still interested in JFC. As the very creative person that you are, I imagine that you have a variety of ideas and projects to work on at any given point, and of course business arrangements are also involved. As you and Kem Nunn are the creative visionaries behind JFC, without your interest in further JFC stories, any efforts on the part of others would be putting the cart before the horse, and perhaps even bothersome to you. No one wants to be a bother. If there is still interest in JFC, many want to continue to work toward that possibility.

Could you please provide some insight into whether or not you and Mr. Nunn maintain an active interest in further episodes of JFC, should some marvelous circumstance lead to that being possible? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you may feel able to share on this subject. I would like to be able to share your answer with others, but I would definitely respect any level of confidentiality you set for your answers.