Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

Bloody Well Right

Bloody Well Right

October 05, 2008, Trrish, trrishp.blogspot.com

“The failures of Wall Street at the moment don’t make me feel any better or worse about myself. I feel for people who are struggling, whoever they are. (Unless they are the one currently pissing me off!) In the end, we are all humans. We are not perfect. But we always think everyone else should be (like me and the Lafayette Democrats). It’s hard to stop judging everyone else’s imperfections. I caught a glimpse into how God – the Universe – the Divine might actually view us in the HBO show John From Cincinnati. I watched the DVD’s recently of its one and only season. I love that show. It reminded me that what I call God (you don’t have to), views us with love, not judgement. God wants us to heal, and to succeed in loving. For those of us that grew up believing that God was a mean, nasty judging thing, and that the job of parents is to criticize, it’s an interesting concept to think that maybe that isn’t the case. I have learned to love God, although I don’t love religion. I have tried to choose nurturing vs critical parent whenever possible in my own parenting, but I don’t always succeed. Having a teenager makes that harder than ever. She just wants, wants, wants and wants and rarely gives. I know it is a stage. I know that somewhere in there is the little girl I used to know. Some days, however, it just isn’t fun. I think a reason I’m not a complete failure is that I have had some angels visit me along the way. And by angels I mean a few human beings who wandered into my life who’ve made an extreme difference. ” [more]

October 5th, 2008

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