Originally aired: Sunday 10 June through Sunday 12 August 2007

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JFC transcripts, photos, sound clips from episodes and music.

The Foxhole Podcast

The Foxhole Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the HBO television series John From Cincinnati. Jay, Justin, Chris and Mark talk about the show, explore the mind of David Milch and cover just about anything else that comes to mind.

Milch Explains John

In NY Post article by Adam Buckman: ‘JOHN’S’ WANE HBO PASSES ON SECOND SEASON OF SURF SHOW. August 15, 2007 — SAY good-bye to the battling Yost clan, the mysterious John Monad, Steady Freddie, Bill Jacks and Zippy the Parrot….


Posted by JOpinionated at 8/22/2007 “Below is the email I received from actor Jim Beaver (pictured above), who played Ellsworth on Deadwood and Vietnam Joe on John From Cincinnati. He was quite upset with my article, but provides a very detailed rebuttal in response. Frankly, he rips me a new one but I kind of deserve it. I obviously did not have all of the facts regarding the cancellation of Deadwood and birth of John From Cincinnati.”

Saving John From Cincinnati – DumpOut Weekend

There are so many great ideas out there about what to do to show HBO that we want another season of JFC. So no matter what you choose to do, or where, let’s all do SOMETHING between Friday August 31- Tuesday Sept 4.

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John From Cincinnati Wiki is a collaborative website about the HBO series, John From Cincinnati. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a website for JFC fans.

The Real JFC Locations

Index of articles about the real Imperial Beach locations used in JFC.

John From Cincinnati Blogspot

The JFC Tour of Imperial Beach
Photos and commentary of Imperial Beach locations used in the filming of John From Cincinnati.

John Monad MySpace Page

John Monad MySpace Photos

“mother of god, cass-kai” Male, 29 years old, Imperial Beach, California United States

John Monad’s YouTube Page

jmonad, Joined: August 01, 2007, Age: 95, Country: United States


“Real” website designed by Dwayne
YOSTCLAN – http://yostclan.com/ aka “THE PIPELINE” The unofficial fan website for Mitch Yost (Bruce Greenwood) and Butchie Yost (Brian Van Holt) – YostClan.com was created by the character Dwayne and is featured in episode six of the series . Launched sometime in the late 90s, the site is intended to have an amateur, homegrown fan-driven feel, belying the more complex world lying just beneath its surface. Beyond being a place Dwayne created to hero-worship Mitch and Butchie, YostClan.com reveals a hidden universe that can only be discovered after solving three puzzles: 1) A mouse scroll that reveals John’s phrase “Some things I know and some things I don’t.” 2) A photo scratch-off of Mitch Yost that unveils a video. 3) A Soduko-like photo gallery that must be re-arranged in numeric order.
To figure out how to solve the puzzles go to: Unfiction.com YostClan Thread Once inside The Pipeline, click on the red dots to access content. After you have solved the puzzles once then the next time you go to YostClan.com you will then get a link to access The Pipeline directly.


“Real” website for the company Linc Stark started. The Stinkweed site also features video of real-life surfers doing promotional work for the fictional brand.

Ostrick Productions

Produced YostClan.com, Stinkweed.com, and character driven YouTube videos.

Surfing Legend Mitch Yost Joins WiLDCOAST’s Fight For Clean Water

Mitch Yost, a legendary Imperial Beach surfer is calling on surfers to ask their congressional representatives to clean up border beach pollution… Imperial Beach, CA. Mitch Yost, a legendary Imperial Beach surfer and shaper is the star of a new video at www.wildcoast.net calling on surfers to ask their congressional representatives to clean up border beach pollution.

Photos of Steady Freddie’s signature on Palaka’s cast.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Cass’s Car on eBay

1956 Porsche 356 Speedster Re-creation from the HBO show “John From Cincinnati”! driven by Emily Rose who played Cass on the show. Own a piece of television history and a great recreation of one of Porsche’s finest automobiles. This is the coolest 1950s looking Porsche 356 Speedster recreation that is available today. This stunning car is not only a pleasure to look at, but also a joy to own and drive. Wherever you go with this car, people will stop to admire it, ask questions about it, and even take their picture in front of it. It is definitely a head turner and a crowd pleaser, perfect for any social occasion.